Welcome to the Nation’s all-in-one online solution for approving Emotional Support Animals.

We have streamlined the process for individuals who have a qualifying medical condition to obtain their emotional support animal paperwork online without having to go through the tedious process of visiting their primary care physician. More often than not, patients have wasted a lot of time, energy, and money, seeing doctors who do not believe in the merits of ESA’s (Emotional Support Animals) as a viable treatment option. At TheDOGtor.net, our physicians wholeheartedly believe in the therapeutic benefits of having ESA’s in a patient’s residence, despite their landlord or property manager’s “No Pet” policy.

According to the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988, a landlord or property manager should not discriminate against any individual who has documentation from a physician, illustrating their need for an emotional support animal in housing. After filling out our brief medical questionaire, you can rest assured knowing that you will be approved for an ESA instantly, provided that you have established to have at least one of the many qualifying conditions.

Not only do we pride ourselves in putting animals in happy and loving homes, but we also value your credit score and your rental history! Do not be the individual who gets an eviction notice for having a pet because you did not take the time to go through our simple online ESA approval process. Instead of allowing landlords or property management companies to define where you cannot live, let The DOGtor tell them where you can, by making your rental living pet friendly!

Getting approved for your ESA is only a mouse-click away! Take The DOGtor’s online exam today!


Get Approved In 30 Minutes Or Less!
You or your loved one COULD qualify in as little as 30 minutes to be approved for an emotional support animal.Take our risk free medical evaluation! Get instant approval! 100% refundable if you do not qualify!

How It Works

  • Complete Online Exam

    Fill out a brief online medical exam by clicking on the tab in the navigation bar titled “online medical exam” or by simply clicking on the link.

  • Make Payment

    If you are not approved for any reason, you will receive a 100% same-day refund. Refunds are granted only to those who are not approved by the evaluating medical doctor.

    At the bottom of the online medical exam you will be required to choose the treatment plan that most accurately applies to you. Each patient may choose from any of the two packages offered or the travel plan.. The Care Plan offers a 1 year letter that must be renewed twelve months from the date the letter was issued. This is the most affordable plan. It costs 159 dollars for the evaluation and emotional support animal documentation. The most cost-effective package is the Compassion plan, which is 199$ and the ESA documentation has no expiration. It is by far the most popular plan chosen by our patients due to the fact that once they get their documentation, they will be able to live in peace with their new pet without having to come back to see us since the paperwork never expires! The travel plan is a letter for the airlines only and does not include an ESA exemption for housing.

    Upon completing the online medical questionnaire you must make payment or your medical paperwork will not be submitted for review.

  • The DOGtor Reviews Your Exam

    The Dogtor will review your online medical exam and inform you whether or not you are approved within 48 hours. During the work week approval is typically same day. In the event that The DOGtor needs to do a further exam he may want to speak with you over skype. However, this is a very rare occurrence.

  • Congratulations, You’ve Been Approved!

    Congratulations if you have been approved! You will be notified of your status typically within 24 hours of submitting your online exam. If you are approved, The DOGtor will sign, seal, and ship out your hard copy emotional support animal documentation via priority mail. You will receive a tracking number as well as be emailed a scanned copy of the letter immediately.

    In the event that you are not approved, you will be refunded the same-day. We recommend that you follow any recommendations noted to you by The DOGtor before paying us another visit!

Determine Your Emotional Support Animal Prescription Needs

TheDOGtor.net provides a range of plans that will give you the exact prescription documentation you need. You will not have to pay for unnecessary items, including not having to pay if you fail to qualify for an emotional support animal, unlike most physicians or therapists who will charge you for the office visit to assess your potential to qualify. If you want to save money, please check with The DOGtor first before wasting your time and money going to a therapist or doctor that oftentimes does not understand the need for an emotional support animal prescription. At The DOGtor you can qualify for an emotional support cat, dog, miniature horse, among others, if you happen to prefer another type of pet for your emotional support animal certification.

There are several documents you can get online through TheDOGtor.net:

A Travel Letter – Airlines can require a travel letter certifying that your animal is an emotional support animal. The emotional support animal certification, in this case, is only for travel and not for housing purposes. It will facilitate travel with your emotional support animal on planes, trains, and ships. It won’t ever expire and can be pulled out any time you are stopped boarding to certify that your animal meets the federal regulations for an emotional support animal.

Temporary Housing Letter – If you want a letter to prove to your landlord that your animal is protected under the FHA and HUD guidelines, you can get one valid for 1 year only. In this case, you will need to be recertified by qualifying doctors after the year is over to get a new letter. Housing letters can help settle disputes for people under the threat of eviction due to an emotional support animal. Once the proper documentation is provided, the landlord must meet federal guidelines or put themselves at risk of being sued for denying housing against the FHA and HUD legislation for emotional support animals.

Permanent Housing Letter - For those that want a one-time certification process, they can get the permanent housing letter that does not have to be renewed yearly. That way, no matter where they move to, they can use it as an emotional support animal certification documentation that will protect their rights with their new landlords. The TheDOGtor.net Compassion Plan includes a Travel letter, if you want to add that to your treatment plan.

Having an emotional support animal is a joy that can increase your well-being and keep you sane in a stressful environment. However, not everyone understands the laws and regulations concerning these precious animals. Having an emotional support animal certification or letter can help to educate people who are not aware of the special protections afforded to patients suffering from disabilities. Instead of trying to convince your primary care physician that you should be allowed such an animal, work with physicians who have seen first-hand the benefits that emotional support animals have provided to their patients. TheDOGtor.net can provide the necessary assistance to get your dog certified and letters written so you and your emotional support animal remain protected under the law.