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Emotional Support Animal Letter Online


Getting your emotional support animal letter should be seamless and affordable, which is why we created the first all-in-one online emotional support animal approval service! The Dogtor is a licensed physician who will review the content of the online exam you take right here on this website. Through a smooth and easy process, you can become qualified to own an emotional suport dog in as little as 24 hours!

5 quick tips to get you started on the exam

1. When in doubt, err on the side of answering each question thoroughly.
2. To avoid delays, make sure each question has been answered
3. Make sure that the spelling of your name is correct
4. The exam takes 20 minutes to fill out so please alott the appropriate time to complete. It can’t be saved!
5. If you don’t have paypal, select the small link that says you don’t have paypal account and the shopping cart will allow you to pay with your card.

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