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How to be approved for an Emotional Support Animal

How to Get Approved for An Emotional Support Animal

Did you know that it is possible for you to get approved for an emotional support animal? Are you someone who lives in an apartment or other type of rental home that does not allow animals? Thanks to the Fair Housing Act of 1988, you can qualify to get an emotional support animal.

How to Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal

If you are someone who suffers with one of the following conditions, you certainly qualify:

6.Panic attacks
7.Bipolar disorder

and many more…….

By having any of these disorders or any other physical or mental condition that debilitates your life in some way, you are qualified to have an emotional support animal.

How to Get Approved for an Emotional Support Animal

If you have been diagnosed with any of the above conditions by a physician, psychiatrist or therapist you will need to get a letter from them stating that having an animal for emotional support would be advantageous for you.

If you already have a pet that has helped you relieve symptoms of your condition and are moving somewhere that does not allow pets, you can get your pet approved as an emotional support animal. The licensed medical professional that has been working with you can write the letter explaining your disorder or disability along with why having an animal is beneficial to you. You would then simply take this letter and present it to your landlord or property manager.

If you have to fly and do not want to leave your animal behind, airlines normally accommodate this. Just make sure your diagnosis qualifies you and that you have a letter of approval from your medical or mental health professional.

How to Qualify for an Emotional Support Dog

Qualifying for an emotional support dog has the same guidelines as qualifying for an emotional support animal of any kind, which are usually either cats or dogs. Any one of the diagnoses mentioned above will qualify you for a dog as well.

How to Get Approved for an Emotional Support Dog

In order to get approved for an emotional support dog, it is also the same process as getting approved for any type of animal. Some things to keep in mind about getting a dog over a cat is that generally dogs need more exercise and come in many different sizes. You will want to make sure your living accommodations work well for the type of dog you have and if you plan on taking your dog on trips with you, it might be easier to have a smaller one.

In getting approved for your dog, it is important to note that even though your dog helps you with your emotional and sometimes even physical needs, they are not considered equal to service dogs. Your emotional support animal cannot be taken into public places like a seeing eye dog. Usually qualifying and getting approved for an emotional support animal only allows them to live with you or fly with you.

If you run into problems with your landlord allowing you to have your emotional support dog or cat, it is simple to file a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. There is no charge and it can be done over the phone, by mail or over the internet.

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