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Los Angeles Emotional Support Animal Letter

Emotional Support Animals in Los Angeles

There are many different locations that have Emotional Support Animal centers around the US. These locations allow for a person to get an animal prescribed to them by a medical professional. A popular center is the emotional support animal Los Angeles. The process that is followed for the Los Angeles esa and other locations is that a person will need to get a letter in order to have an animal assigned to their needs.

The Process

A letter will be drafted stating that the patient needs help emotionally through the aide of a psychiatrist or medical doctor. This is also linked with a disability that will require the help or company of an animal. In this case a therapist or medical professional will be the one who will sign off or write a letter in order to help with getting the person an animal for assistance. Los Angeles ESAs will assign an animal which may be called a comfort animal or comfort pet. Unlike seeing eye dogs, these animals will not require any type of specific training in order to be given to a particular person.

Types Of Animals

There are many types of animals that will be given as a comfort pet or comfort animal to a person with a disability. The animal can be any age, rather than it needing to be young or old. Aside from a person needing to be qualified by a therapist to get an ESA, the animal will also need to qualify in terms of the breed of animal. The animals that the emotional support animal los angeles have given to different patients include the popular animals such as:


There are no restrictions to what animal can be used as long as a person uses common sense. This means that a support animal will not be an alligator or a cheetah. The listed animals will help in order to improve the quality of life to the owner that has a disability.

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