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Miami Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter

Emotional Support Animal Therapy in Miami

If you are someone who has experienced some sort of trauma in your life or you have a mental disorder that causes you to become anxious or upset, one form of therapy that is becoming increasingly used involves the presence of an emotional support animal. An emotional support animal calms you and comforts you through its presence, and it can be a big help for someone who would otherwise be very uneasy. When you are thinking about getting an emotional support animal in Miami, it is important to be aware of the legislation involved.

When you are looking up a Miami ESA policy, it is important to remember that your emotional support animal is not a service animal. A service animal is trained to perform a specific task that aids its owner. For example, a service dog might be trained to patrol for an owner who has PTSD and needs reassurance that the world is safe. An emotional service animal merely comforts its owner by its presence.

When you are thinking about Miami ESA policy, remember that there are only two places where are you are guaranteed to have a right to the presence of your animal. The first place is the place where you are living, and the second place is aboard a plane for travel. In every other circumstance in Florida, your emotional support animal is considered a pet and can be legally banned as such unless the establishment specifically allows animals.

To get an emotional support animal Miami has the same policies as occur elsewhere in the country. In most cases, you will need to talk to a therapist. A therapist can identify the issues that you are dealing with, and he or she can discuss with you the benefits of getting an emotional support animal and which one might be the right one for you. Because the animal does not need to provide anything but companionship, it can be of any species that you are comfortable with. After the groundwork is laid, the therapist will write you a letter explaining your condition and the benefits of a service animal, and this letter can be used to receive things like designation tags and collars for your animal.

When you are thinking about emotional support animal therapy, remember that the animal that you choose is not a serivce animal and will not be treated as such in Florida. This will impact where you can take your animal and what you can do with it, so keep this in mind!

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